Doctor Owen Harper, Torchwood (imatwat) wrote in relativespace,
Doctor Owen Harper, Torchwood

Communicator Message [Open to everyone but Katie]

Listen up. This is important. My ex-fiancee Katie Russell has been pulled through to this world, into this universe and somehow found herself here at Sarah Jane's.

She doesn't know anything about aliens, or parallel universes, or different timelines, or that I was a part of Torchwood and all that rigmarole. She thinks we're still engaged.

Do NOT talk to her about the above. It will only confuse the fuck out of her. She's going through a lot of shit right now, and has a terminal illness.

Give me time to slowly bring her up to speed.

That's all I'm asking.
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How long do you truthfully think you can keep things from her?
Just a few days probably. But she's already bloody beside herself. What do you want me to do, Reinette? Dump it all on her at once? Tell her she's supposed to be dead? That she has a fucking alien growing inside her head, and that's what killed her four years ago, not a tumour? That I'm not the man she was going to marry anymore? Oh, and the universe is collapsing and we might all die anyway.

I don't know how much more she can take, alright?
I am merely informing you that when all is said and done, she will most likely be angry with for for keeping the truth from her. For pandering to what you view as her weaknesses.

In my first moments here I was informed that I was supposed to be dead, that I was never meant to leave France. That the man I was with was really meant to have never met me again. That I was the aberration. I learned of my own passing, the slaughter of many that I knew.

I will not deny it was a great deal to learn. But I will always prefer to know, than not.
Yeah, well, thanks for your input, but she's my responsibility. I know I can't hide the truth from her forever, but I need time to find the best way to tell her. I'm all she's got at the moment, and I don't want to take that away from her.
She has herself, you know.

As important as I no doubt you are, I cannot think you are everything.
Thanks for that.

Sure, she has herself. When she's lucid and can remember her own name, or where she is, or what she was doing just ten fucking seconds ago.

You are NOT Katie, you don't have a fucking clue what she's had to deal with. So don't fucking presume to know what's best for her, or what she needs.
I speak the truth. The truth is not an apologetic thing, nor so I use it to wound. I do not know you well enough to desire your injury. It is only the truth.

And no, I am not Katie. But to your argument, neither are you. Who are you to say what she is capable of? What she can manage? She is not the first to have her body fail her. To wake up and not know if one will have the strength to see yourself to bed that evening without the assistance of others.

To know that your greatest enemy is yourself.

Surely you can see how isolated she already is, without you only making her more so.
So you'd have me tell Katie that she died four years ago. And that I tried to move on without her because I had no choice but to keep on living. That I fell in love with someone else because she was fucking dead all this time.

She's terrified I'm gonna leave her, but you want me to do it anyway.

Yeah. I'll get right on that. That will really make her feel like she's not alone.

And you undervalue the strength of her own intelligence if you think should could not comprehend there might be a time or place, in the face of her passing, that after a time of grieving you moved on. And she would be so selfish as not to was that. Just because one desires to make an impact on the lives of those we love, it does not mean we wish to be a crater that is left in our wake.

What says that because those events are a reality, they have to be hers?

I do not want you to leave her. I wish for you to be with her, through the truth.
No. I'm not going to risk it. It's not like pulling off a bloody bandaid.

If you want to get technical about it, I'm her physician, and her next of kin. The stress of finding out the whole truth of her situation right now might make her condition deteriorate.

We're doing it my way, and that's final.
Technical? What does that have to do with what is fundamentally right and wrong? What of when she discovers how long you have lied to her? What of her condition then?

Are you truly that sure of yourself?
Sure of myself? I'm fucking terrified, Reinette. She's still dying and I don't know if I can even save her this time.

I'm just asking for a few days grace. Let me deal with it. Please.
I would never hope that one I loved would allow me to face death, all while living a lie.

But fine Owen. You know her far better than I. I shall hold my peace.
I shall certainly respect your wishes, but if I meet her and it is somehow mentioned, I will not lie.

Tell me, what is her condition?
Can't you just avoid her then?

She has an alien parasite growing in her brain. It's acting like a malignant tumour causing memory loss, blank outs, migraines, mood swings...

Problem is if you try and extract the fucker, it goes into kill-everything mode.

Katie thinks it's a tumour. That was what she was diagnosed with before she died.
As I am currently avoiding most everyone in an attempt to maintain my own... condition, I suppose... I doubt that accidentally bumping into her will be a problem.

You have my condolences; and Fitz might have some advice on dealing with memory loss. Not from a medical point of view, obviously, but an incredibly layman type of one.
Thanks, I'll talk to him about it next time I see him.
I can understand your concern, but is it wise to broadcast this on an open channel? It seems to me that there are several people with communicators who might take great joy in doing exactly the opposite of what you want.
Just who are you talking about? Might as well name names.
The Master has a habit of causing trouble. Not that he necessarily will, but I'd be on my guard, if I were you.
I think I have already said too much. I did not know. I am sorry.
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*static that might be Jack swearing to himself*

I, ah, I've spoken to your Miss Katie. I'm afraid she knows about aliens, at the very least. I was explaining to her how I found myself here and it was necessary to say that I was brought from halfway across the galaxy.