Doctor Owen Harper, Torchwood (imatwat) wrote in relativespace,
Doctor Owen Harper, Torchwood

For tea_wifout_milk: Bittersweet Reunions

(Continued from HERE. Backdated to before Owen's broadcasted message.)

Owen ushered Katie upstairs to his room, and gently closed the door behind him. He'd made her take her cup of tea up with her, hoping it would help serve to calm her down and give him a minute or two to think, to formulate some kind of story that would explain what had happened to her.

It was too much, though. Hard enough for him to process, let alone what it must feel like for Katie.

He steered her towards his bed for her to sit down on. Then sat beside her.

"Feeling better?" He asked tentatively, stalling as much as he could. He knew she'd have thousands of questions and he wasn't sure what answers he could give in return.
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