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Happy Holidays

The decorations are simple this year.

Fresh greenery arching through the console room, and of course the expected mistletoe. The only lights however, are those of the TARDIS, so recently restored. To Reinette's eyes there are few things more beautiful, and nothing more appropriate.

Something to truly celebrate.

Three Christmases now, all spent in one another's company.

To Reinette, this one seemed more precious, and promising, than the rest.

OOC: Welcome to the THIRD (how insane is that) annual RS Christmas party as hosted by Ten and Reinette. Thanks to my schedule, we'll have to backdate this one a few. But feel free to dress that muse up, and send them on their way!
Bright Sonic

Open to All

The Doctor was not asleep.

Yes, he was lying motionless beneath the console, eyes closed, arms limp, an unmoving hand still gripping the sonic screwdriver for dear life, but he was not asleep. Not at all.

Or so he decided he was going to tell people.

The non-sleep he was in was dreamless, quiet, and about as frustrating and unproductive as the seemingly endless amount of previous days had been. Despite the lack of progress, those who knew him could probably attest to the fact that this was the first moment he'd actually been still since landing in London. It was both welcomed and un-welcomed, welcomed in that it gave him a moment's peace, and un-welcomed in that it had come completely and utterly unbidden.

Then, as quickly as it had come, inside the quiet darkness, there came a light which forced him awake. He sat up, hit his head, and squinted.

"Who turned on the-" Then he grinned. A mad, child-like, long unused grin.

She was working.

He quickly grabbed his communicator (the one he'd never actually used) and as he ran - no, practically danced - around the console, flipping switches, turning on lights, enjoying the feeling of life, he spoke.

"Is this happening to everyone?"

Communicator Message--Open

[garbled, static]

...was wondering who I'd have to throttle to get it working properly once more. Barring that, I was on the verge of asking who I'd have to throttle just to make myself smile. At any rate...


--and I could sodding well use a smile.

[long, unintelligible]

--Which was about a millenia too long to be stranded like so.

And I'm not even bloody certain this blasted thing even works any more. For all I know, talking to this lump of technology is just like talking to the Doctor or the Master.

[blast of static]

♌ and it all comes down to you

And They Come to Life {open to all}

Having separated from Ianto, Gwen decided to try to find anyone that might be able to give them an idea of what exactly was going on.

She ended up behind the house, staring over the landscape of TARDISes before her. It seemed uncanny, so many of them, so quiet, and though she had never actually seen one in action, the stories Jack told made her feel as if that was the last thing that should be.

Gwen sighed, ready to give up and contact Ianto - maybe attempt to contact anyone - over the communicator. She was cold, and it was looking like snow, and this was going nowhere. She wasn't even sure what time it was anymore.

Then, with a twist of the wind, everything changed.

Gwen felt a jolt, almost like a charge in the atmosphere. Every single TARDIS that had before sat silently like wilting flowers in the wintery day - every single TARDIS came to life.

She stood in the midst of them, a small feeling of hope beginning to tremble within her.
doctor/tardis on top of the world

01; It's A Brand New Day

Another 3 am

It was hard to say how long they'd been here, now.

A few years (a few minutes), it felt like.

No, no, it was certainly over a year. Possibly sliding into two.

The Doctor leaned out of the TARDIS door, watching the few flurries that fell at this late hour. He sighed, then tossed his cane back and forth between his hands. It was new, wooden. Sturdy and strong, and a little more classic. Still, just another sign of how much had changed in two years.

How much had changed in a moment, really.

He looked back into the silver TARDIS that was his and Reinette's home. The black walls were still dull, the lights in the console still dark. Not only had two years passed, but now they were trapped again. Who knew for how long. Trapped here while the stars were out in the sky.

He looked up at the vast emptiness. One might think it was clouds covering the light of the rest of the universe, but no. No, there was no other universe. Just this little part of the universe that had been saved. Everything out there was quiet. Everything out in that night was quiet too.

Everything but the beeping. Wait, what beeping?

There was a beep behind him.

And another. The Doctor spun around and looked at the console to the TARDIS. Lights started going on. The familiar hum of the machine came back.

"Reinette!" he cried, limping back inside. "Reinette!"
doctor/tardis on top of the world

OPEN; front of SJ's House, Night

In case you weren't aware, there is a Doctor. He is very grumpy, looking up at the sky with his telescope. Where did he get the telescope? Well, he may have procured it from Sarah's attic. She'll have to come down and wrestle it out of his cold Time Lord fingers, though, because this telescope is him working. What's he working on? Well, there's a large star chart in front of him with lots of 'X's on it.

Bothering him would probably be beneficial to his sanity, if not his current occupation.

In which the Doctor goes in search of his crew

Now that someone was actually doing something, the Doctor was determined to be in on it. But he wasn't about to leave without notifying his crew or inviting them to come along.

The last time he'd seen Jo, she was playing with the iPod he'd given her. The last time he'd seen Liz was...well, he couldn't remember exactly. Sarah was off with his skinny future self with the strange hair, so he didn't expect her to be around.

So he wandered through the TARDIS looking for his stray assistants.

Herding humans was worse than herding cats.
[ten] behind emote, [nameless] behind emote

Open to all

Hello, this is Dr. Martha Jones from UNIT headquarters.

We're receiving transmissions from CERN along the Franco-Swiss border. Some sort of activity, possibly related to the Hadron Collider. We only got a few moments of transmission, but it sounds like something might be coming through what miniature black holes the scientists created.

I know no one on this radio has a TARDIS anymore, but I've acquired a UNIT van to take anyone interested to the site to investigate.

Is anyone interested?
Blue tooth

Ianto and Gwen arrive in London [RP for alien_catcher

Ianto drove the SUV to London. Partly, because when he'd finished packing up all the equipment they might need there was far too much to take on the train and partly because he thought that it would be easier to get back home if they heard from Jack.

They didn't talk much on the drive, save for Gwen giving directions over the top of the SUV's navigation system. Ianto couldn't stop thinking about Jack and how they were going to stop the end of the world without knowing where he was. At least last time they'd known where he was.

"Well, here we go," Ianto said, pulling the car to a stop a little ways up from the house that Gwen had pointed out.