A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger) wrote in relativespace,
A Servant to Time and Consequence

Directly after this

Just short of six months. He'd spent just short of six months as a human. Just short of six months with human pains, aches, sunburns, scars, and desires. As he stared at the fob watch (procured from its place beneath Reinette's wedding dress in her trunk), he could only think of what a loss it was going to be.

So much effort. And for what? Nothing, in the end. A leg that he wasn’t entirely sure would be cured by regaining his Time Lord status, and a wife who may or may not have had some sort of parasite destroying her.

He sat on their bed, still rumpled from the strange activities of moments before, and felt utterly alone. No Reinette there, no Rose, no other self. Not even Catherine, who had been there for him when he changed all those months ago.

He wished he could've done this differently, even with his pounding head telling him he needed to change back. One last go as a human, then back to how he was. He didn't...he wanted to live out his life, albeit with less ridiculous situations causing him to despise his human state. He was just getting used to the idea of…oh; he didn't even know what, anymore.

All those things he saw with Reinette. Children. A life on the slow path. He would never have any of them. He felt their loss, settling over him like sandbag weights on his shoulders. The weight felt natural there. It must've been from...what was it his other self had said? The War. The War he made himself forget.

No use lingering. Not with Reinette banging up a storm in the Zero Room. He'd need Louis's help to hold her while they figured out what was wrong. He wouldn't have the other man's assistance if he believed the Doctor (and he would be the Doctor again, as Jean would die the moment the watch was opened) had injured her.

It was all about what one could get from another. He needed help from Louis, so that required making sure certain things weren't thought about him. It was all so very…French.

No use lingering.

No use.

He took a breath, and pressed the button on the watch.
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