The Doctor Man (clever_wanderer) wrote in relativespace,
The Doctor Man

For his_sarah_jane

He was not having a particuarly good day.

After falling out of a tree, hurting his ankle, working on the TARDIS for more hours than he cared to think about and achieving absolutely nothing save several burns on his hands, arms, and bizarrely, his face, he was ready for a cup of tea.

Well, tea and a chocolate chip muffin. As there appeared to be a bit of shortage of chocolate chip muffins, however, he soon elected to abandon that particular craving.

He did have a rather unusual craving for cream, which was odd, as he was more of a milk person himself, on the rare occasion he felt like putting anything other than sugar in at all. There was no logical reason for the sudden need for cream, and if asked to explain it he would most likely, retrospecively, blame it on the already odd, not particuarly pleasant day.

The open refrigerator revealed to him the sad, sad truth of his current situation. There was, in fact, no cream. They had never actually managed to decide whose job it was to go out and get it, and thus, it remained completely and utterly empty.

Tags: [a] doctor (10)(canon), [a] sarah jane smith (canon)
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