Gwen Cooper (alien_catcher) wrote in relativespace,
Gwen Cooper

And They Come to Life {open to all}

Having separated from Ianto, Gwen decided to try to find anyone that might be able to give them an idea of what exactly was going on.

She ended up behind the house, staring over the landscape of TARDISes before her. It seemed uncanny, so many of them, so quiet, and though she had never actually seen one in action, the stories Jack told made her feel as if that was the last thing that should be.

Gwen sighed, ready to give up and contact Ianto - maybe attempt to contact anyone - over the communicator. She was cold, and it was looking like snow, and this was going nowhere. She wasn't even sure what time it was anymore.

Then, with a twist of the wind, everything changed.

Gwen felt a jolt, almost like a charge in the atmosphere. Every single TARDIS that had before sat silently like wilting flowers in the wintery day - every single TARDIS came to life.

She stood in the midst of them, a small feeling of hope beginning to tremble within her.
Tags: [a] anna walsh (au oc), [a] gwen cooper (canon), [a] jack phillips (canon oc), [a] john hart (canon)
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