Jeanne-Antionette Poisson (ambitious_woman) wrote in relativespace,
Jeanne-Antionette Poisson

Happy Holidays

The decorations are simple this year.

Fresh greenery arching through the console room, and of course the expected mistletoe. The only lights however, are those of the TARDIS, so recently restored. To Reinette's eyes there are few things more beautiful, and nothing more appropriate.

Something to truly celebrate.

Three Christmases now, all spent in one another's company.

To Reinette, this one seemed more precious, and promising, than the rest.

OOC: Welcome to the THIRD (how insane is that) annual RS Christmas party as hosted by Ten and Reinette. Thanks to my schedule, we'll have to backdate this one a few. But feel free to dress that muse up, and send them on their way!
Tags: [a] fitz kreiner (canon), [a] gwen cooper (canon), [a] john hart (canon)
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