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Those who were called together to protect time and space from destruction at the hands of an unknown assailant have failed. The universe collapsed in upon itself, and all creation was destroyed.


Through the supreme effort of the Black Guardian, a small part of the universe was saved. The Milky Way galaxy remains intact, and its residents have been saved from certain doom. The 12-7ers that survived the great cataclysm are left to pick up the pieces of the universe...

But they are not alone. Some unknown force has been pulling in important people from across time and space. Some replace those that were lost, some are entirely new to this changed universe. Together, they must rebuild what's been lost, fight the evil that still exists, and somehow manage to do it all without killing each other.

This is a "Pan-Who" game; it takes place in all times and places involving all characters from the 43 years (or so) of Doctor Who, including the novels and audio plays, as well as original characters that fit within the Whoniverse.

Russell Davies has said that he is "usually happy for old and new fans to invent the Complete History of the Doctor in their heads, completely free of the production team's hot and heavy hands." We've taken that idea and made a game of it.

Though it's important to remember the source canon of the game (the ninth Doctor isn't going to pop up one day in a dress, singing show tunes), the point of this game is to do new and interesting things with some beloved characters. As such, we're very open minded as far as what you want to do with your own character, to the extent that we've even opened up the idea of alternate universes trickling into the dominant universe.

To Join

1) There are rules. They're boring, but necessary. Read them.
2) Read the FAQ.
2) Check the taken characters list. It's right below this set of instructions; scroll down. If you see that your character is taken, but read through the community and don't see any activity, ask the mod about it.
2)a) If it's going to take you awhile to do the application, or you want to think things over, please email the mod and request that the character be held for you. A character will be held for one week.
3)Fill out the application.
4)After you hear back from the mod, make a journal for the character, put his/her/its name in the userinfo, and request to join the community.
5)Put your contact information in your character's profile.
6)Join the OOC Comm at relativelyooc, to keep abreast of updates and interact with fellow players.
7)Read the newbie guide. This is a large and complex game and the guide is player-created and edited to help you out.
8)Have fun.

Questions? Contact the mod

IMPORTANT: There is currently a hold on the character of Jenny (canon and AU) until 48 hours after the S4 finale airs in the UK. Thank you.

Taken Characters

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